At Onex Computers we specialise in giving you the right products at the right price. We sell products manufactured by known manufacturers and all of our products come with a full factory warranty. We pride ourselves in our ability to offer you top of the range products without compromising on price. Some of the products that we offer are as follows:


We ensure that we only sell motherboards from brands that have a name in the industry. We offer motherboards that suit both AMD and Intel CPUs. Motherboards we have in stock come from various industry leaders such as Asus, GigaByte, DFI and MSI. Because the motherboard is such an integral component in your computer, it is not worth using an inferior quality product.


We keep ahead of industry trends in the field of CPU technology. We offer both AMD and Intel CPUs and we can provide you with choices that may be relevant to the price you wish to pay and the power of the CPU. We can help you make an informed choice in regards to your CPU. It doesn’t matter if you are using the computer for video editing or word processing.


We can give you the best deal on RAM. We can also make sure you are buying the right RAM for your computer. We can take the confusion out of the RAM buying process for anyone who doesn’t know the difference between DDR2 and SDR. We also offer a great selection of laptop or desktop computer RAM.

Hard Drives

We offer an excellent range of hard drives. Whether you require a hard drive for a laptop or a desktop computer – we can help you make the right decision of what you need and then supply it at a great price. With the massive array of hard drives available it can be quite a daunting task for any novice.

Optical Drives

Whether you require a DVD burner or Blu-Ray drive; we’ve got it. We can supply you with optical drives manufactured by the best names in the industry.

Operating Systems (Windows)

We can give you the best deal on multiple versions of Microsoft Windows. Keep your system up to date with the latest operating system. We can also install any software for you on site.


We have an excellent range of monitors for your perusal and subsequent purchase. Whether you require something practical or something awe inspiring.